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The Perfect Patty Shaperz™

This company is all about Grill Lovers. Hi, I am Bob the Hamburger Builder and if you are like me you love to grill with family and friends. This said, I work at a plant that produces 87 Million pounds of hamburgers each year so I know a little bit about making a burger and I get excited about developing products that we get to share with others so they can shape some memories with the people they care about. So I came up with an idea watching high speed equipment producing all kinds of burgers in all difference shapes and sizes, and thought this would be a really fun tool to give you the ability to make various kinds of restaurant quality products right in your home or at your own grill. Thank you for visiting The Perfect Patty Shaperz™ website.

How you can help get this made-in-the-USA product to the masses.

We are looking for 2,000 grill fanatics to become backers on our Kickstarter program. You will be the first to wow your friends and family with this new patented product. The Perfect Patty Shaperz™ will allow every grill master to create a wide variety of “shaped burgers” that adds excitement to the backyard BBQ. If you are interested in supporting the development of The Perfect Patty Shaperz™, please head to www.kickstarter.com.

The Perfect Patty Shaperz™ for the gourmet chef in all of us.